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It doesn't really matter what we think or what you think. Film making is always an individual interpretation. What matters is human values, aesthetics and stories - the connection. The connection that connects the viewer with the perceived and creates a feeling.

Our possibilities

Everything is up to interpretation. We are ambitious while trying not to strangle creativity with a grip too firm.

Your reality

When movies, art, stories, etc. are perceived the individual creates a reality from the words, music and images with a background in their own reality.

The perceived

Through an introduction the viewer creates a preconception and use this in his interpretation of the perceived. Here’s your film.

Directors that wœrks

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About this project

TV Commercial for Børnefonden

Director: Frederik Hviid
Producer: Thomas Veyssiére Gram
DoP: Naidm Carlsen & Lis Dyre
Edit: Jeppe Bødskov
Grade: Cameo
Music: Asger Techau
Agency: Another
Creative: Thorkild Bjerre
Voice Over: Bubber


About this project

Lukas Graham “You’re not there”

Directed by: René Sascha Johannsen


About this project

Trentemøller “Redefine” music video

Directed by: Åsa Ritton & Andreas Emenius


About this project

AVE online film.

Featured on

Director: Mette Carla Albrechtsen
Executive Producer: Thomas Gram Veyssiere
Producer: Zire Schucany
Production leader: Camilla Agerskov
Production assistant: ANNA Gregorius
DoP: Benjamin Loeb
Focus puller: Morten Jensen
Light: Noah Lynnerup
Steady camp: Jonas Torp
Productiondesigner & Stylist: Kimie Breidfjord
Make-up Effects: Thomas Foldberg
Make-up: Yunah Radecker
Editor: Jenna Magulad
Colorist: Theis Clausen
Sound: Johannes Rose
Sound Design: Sune Kaarsberg
Composer: Asger Techau

Client: Ave
Agency: Constant
Production Company: The Wœrks

Agnes My Nilsson
Uffe – Filmgear
Christian from Red Rental

Salt+Peber ’15

About this project

A series of short TV commercials for Danish catering company Salt+Peber in collaboration with the advertising agency Brandhouse.

Salt+Peber TV Commercials 2015

Director: Lasse Martinussen
Executive producer: Thomas Veyssiere Gram
Producer: Line Sander Egede
DoP: Sebastian Winterø.
Focus puller: Andreas Krohn
Chief gaffer: Martin Riello
Gaffer: Morten Boserup
Set designer: Thomas Langhoff
Props assistent: Stine Ricks
Stylist: Stephanie Loa
Makeup: Mette Munch
Production assistents: Stine Thorbølle & Camilla Agerskov
Colorist: Hannibal Lang
Sound design: Kevin Koch
Agency: Brandhouse
Creative: Mikkel Elung Jensen, Charlotte Ørum-Hansen & Signe Duus
Production: THE WŒRKS


About this project

CarHub TV Commercial

Director: Torben Kjelstrup
Executive Producer: Thomas Gram Veyssière
Producer: Marie Lynge Madsen
Line Producer: Camilla Agerskov

Client: Carhub
Agency: Brandhouse
Creative Director: Mikkel Elung
Art Director: Sigurd Bjerre
Account Manager: Peter Larsen

Bog & Ide

About this project

A series of TV commercials for Danish bookstore “Bog & Idé” (Books & Ideas).

Dircector: Aleksander Hørup
Executive producer: Thomas Gram Veyssière
Client: Bog & Idé
Agency: Brandhouse
Creative Director: Mikkel Elung-Jensen
Art Director: Sune Lindeskov
Account Manager: Peter Larsen


About this project

World Premiere – The Rap Mic Contest

Building on our recent headphone collaboration with Stones Throw we asked ourselves ‘What if the microphone in your headset could be used for something more creative than just speaking on the phone?’
We’re inviting you to rap over the inaugural Stones Throw release ‘My World Premiere’ by Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf. The track is there and the release date is set. The only thing missing is you. Simply download the iPhone app with the classic beat, record your rhyme and upload it directly to the ‘World Premiere Rap Mic Contest’ website. If label founder and A&R, Peanut Butter Wolf picks your version, the track will get a vinyl release on Stones Throw.
Visit: and

Awards and honour:
Creative Circle Award 2015, 1 silver and 1 bronze
Danish Internet Awards 2015

Director : Jeppe Kolstrup & Aleksander Hørup
Producer: Thomas Veyssière Gram
DoP : Jasper Carlberg
B-Photo : Mads Junker
Sound : Andreas Thybo
Editor : Mik Fogh Stampe
Grade: Nurali Kushkov
Light : Mads Junker
Animation: CJPIXELS
Agency: Crispin porter + Bogusky Denmark
Production company: THE WŒRKS

Special Thanks to Red Rental and Filmgear

Clarks by WOODWOOD



About this project

Director : Anders Malmberg
DoP : Nadim Carlsen
Producer : Thomas Veyssière Gram
Composer : Christian Hansen
Editor : Anders Malmberg
VFX : Chimney Copenhagen
Grip : Rune A. Egegaard
B-Photo : Mads Junker
Light : Martin Riello
Lightassistent : Thomas Dyhrholm
Online : Anders Jon
Production company: THE WŒRKS

Special Thanks to Rachel Voigt, Carlsberg Museum, Red Rental, Filmgear, Chimney Copenhagen and Spoiled Productions

Lukas Graham – 7 Years

About this project

Director: René Sascha Johannsen
D.O.P: Adam Jandrup
Exec. Producers : Thomas Gram Veyssière and Asbjorn Christiansen
Line Producers: Camilla Agerskov and Trice Angie Christiansen
Gaffers: Noah Lynnerup, Ole B and Nghia Khuu
Grip: Rune Egegaard
Focus puller: Morten Jensen
Stylist og set designer: Kimie Melanie Breidfjord
Makeup: Yunah Radecker
Stunts : Hummer and crew
Editors: Michael Bauer and René Sascha Johannsen
Colorgrading: Lasse Marcussen
EFX: Bjørn Munch and Virgil Kastrup
Agency Bawses: Lasse Sigiesmund and Kasper Færk from Then We Take The World.
Speciel thanks to: Thomas at Byens Lys, Pusherstreet, Christiania, Vestre Cemetary, B&W, Dannie Carlsen, Red rental


About this project


1.000 fans from all over the world took part in this music video experiment together with Mew & Microsoft Office 365. ‘The Night believer feat. Frengers’ is a collaboration between Mew and their fans.
Find out more about the project

Nominated at the Danish Music Awards.

Director: William Reynish
Producer: Thomas Veyssiére Gram
DoP: Sine Vadstrup Brooker
Producer Assistant: Nicoline Edinger
Styling & Makeup: Sabrina Tronbakken Næsborg
Design: Marie Boye Thomsen
Agency: Volume

Noonie Bao

About this project

Noonie Bao – Criminal Love

Director : Anders Malmberg
Executive Producer : Thomas Gram Veyssière
Producer: Camilla Agerskov
DoP : Nadim Carlsen
B-Photo : Frederik kirkeskov & Morten Jensen
Colourist : Anders Malmberg & Nadim Carlsen
Production Company : THE WŒRKS
Special Thanks to Red Rental and Filmgear



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